Instruction for Presenters

[Instruction for Oral Presenters]

Oral sessions are scheduled on Sep.14 and Sep.15.

The presentation room (Lecture Hall on the 2nd floor at Frontier Research in Applied Sciences Building) is equipped with a screen and an LCD projector. Preferable screen ratio (slide format) is 4: 3.

We strongly recommend you to bring a laptop computer, preferably installed with Microsoft Power Point. Link your own laptop to the provided projector.

Please ensure that you have the requisite connector with you. Connection using a VGA (DE15 connector pinout) cable or an HDMI cable is available.

Your allocation time is 20 min in total: 15 min for speech and 5 min for discussion. The allocation time includes the time you need to link your PC to the projector. Keep your presentation within the time limit.


Try to review how your slides are displayed on the screen, prior to your presentation at early morning, coffee break and lunch time.

We prepare a backup laptop. So, it is possible to insert your USB flash drive into our backup laptop, just in case. However, we are not responsible for the reproducibility of your file.

[Instruction for Poster Presenters]

Poster session is scheduled on the evening (5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.) of Sep.14.

A0 size format (portrait) is recommended for your poster material. Poster boards (90 cm × 180 cm: portrait) will be prepared.

You can mount your poster on the designated area (your poster number will be indicated on the board) on the morning of Sep.14, using push pins provided on–site by the ILS committee.

Remove your poster immediately after the poster session is over. All poster boards will be removed at 8:00 p.m. on Sep.14. Any poster left behind at that time may be removed and discarded without notice.