Instruction for Banquet Attendees

You cannot access the banquet venue (Sapporo Beer Garden) without having your name tag or a banquet ticket with you.

All banquet attendees (including accompanied persons who attend the Banquet only) have to receive a name tag or a banquet ticket without fail at the reception desk on Sep. 13.

At banquet (using a tabletop grill), we recommend you wear washable, casual clothes when possible: strong smoky smell will probably get stuck in your clothes.

Our complimentary bus service from Hokkaido Univ. to Sapporo Beer Garden is available after the organ concert [at around 4:30 p.m.].

However, no such complimentary bus service from Sapporo Beer Garden to your hotel or downtown Sapporo is available after the Banquet. Banquet attendees will have to walk or use public transportation (taxi, train, and city bus) on the return.

Sapporo Beer Garden will serve a dish called “Genghis Khan,” with lamb, mutton and vegetable-based ingredients. Details with a video clip are available on their website at:

If you have some meal restriction or preference, contact our secretariat in advance directly at: